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Graffiti removal in Phoenix AZ by Dust Doctors does more than clean up your own property; it sends a message to taggers that their messages will not be seen for long. Graffiti is a form of communication to gang members, and a way of marking territories. Quick removal of graffiti has proven to diminish its re-occurrence. In the past, the only way you could remove graffiti paint from a block, or wood surface, was to either chip it off or sand blast it. As well as use of harsh chemicals and solvents or sand the paint until your arm fell off. And in most cases, after these time consuming, or hazardous methods were able to utilize. The final solution was just to paint over the graffiti with a darker paint and hope no one noticed.

Now there is a newer process, known as Soda Blasting (often called sand blasting). This is where the surface (block, concrete, brick, wood) is cleaned or paint is removed. Or materials of any kind are stripped from the surface efficiently and safely. Soda blasting very similar to traditional sand blasting, with the terms sometimes being exchange. But it has the distinct advantage of cleaning the surface while not harming the original surface or the environment. Graffiti and other paint can be eliminate through a process namely soda blasting

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